Nvidia update (450.66 -> 455.23.04) broke HDMI. Now requires re-plugging monitor each time monitor is powered down


I use a nvidia 1050 TI, I recently updated from 450.66 to 455.23.04.

This resulted in that each time I power on my HDMI connected monitor, I’m presented with a error message on the monitor: “No signal detected”, messing around in nvidia-settings yields no results. The only way to resolve it is by pulling the HDMI calbe and plugging it back in, and then it it all works fine.

This error doesn’t affect my DP or DVI ports.

I solved this problem by downgrading to 450.66.

Hi Oxaced,
Could you please share nvidia bug report while using driver 450.66 where you are seeing issue with HDMI connected monitor.