Nvidia Xavier not booting


I bought an Nvidia Xavier board.

i followed the guide for first start using balenaEtcher and the board is started with the configuration screens. After, turning it off and on again it doesn’t work anymore. the card no longer starts. only the LED stays on.

i tried to connect the arduino to the pc to see the logs but i have this

the first time it started and I did absolutely nothing then it doesn’t work anymore
is it possible? am I doing something wrong? Advice?

Please refer to Get start guide to see if can help:
Getting Started With Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit | NVIDIA Developer

I’ll suggest that if this is an SD card model, then you need to flash the Jetson itself also (using the same JetPack release used to create the SD card). SD card models have boot content in the QSPI memory of the module. If it is an eMMC model, then just flash the whole thing at once.

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