Xavier nx is not booting

I bought a new Xavier nx and I followed all the steps to flash the sd card and insert it into the board I succesfully ran it for my 1st time. My housemate suddenly unplug my extension which causes the xavier to shut down. And now when i try to start again the logo wont show out and i just wait until the board get hotter then i unplug it. (When i plug in yellow light is on but the fan is not on.

Re-flash with SDK Manager.

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Is there any chance that my SD card or HDMI problems? I re-flash my sd card using older and newer version of jetpack but it just not starting, usually the fan should start but only the light is on.
In the mean time I’ll try using other method to boot it

Usually it’s some bootloader issue, which is not related to SD card at all, and won’t be fixed no matter how many times you flash the SD card.

Ohh, understood, is using SDK manager the only way, cause I’m still new to the board, so is there any platform or link you can share for me to boot the board?

Like this one:

Thanks, I’ll try that out. Will be back if i faced any other problem.

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