nvpmodel error


I have a fresh install of Jetpack 4.2.1 on TX2i on a Orbitty carrier board, following these instructions:

After the first boot I got an error related to nvidia nvpmodel python applet, and the applet didn’t start. Then I tried to change the performance mode with "sudo nvpmodel -m 1"and is giving me this error:
NVPM ERROR: null input file!
NVPM ERROR: Failed to parse /etc/nvpmodel.conf

I already tried to flash the TX2i with 2 different hosts but the result is the same no nvpmodel or nvidia applet.

In the /etc/nvpmodel folder there is no “nvpmodel.conf” file, is that normal?

Any advice on how can I debug this?

Hi giakoumidis,

We don’t have Orbitty carrier board, thus can’t help to verify where might be wrong, please contact with ConnecTech tedam to get their support.