nvRTX limit on Raytraced lights?

I was experimenting with NvRTX in Unreal 5.2. I added about 500 point lights and I see this message:

288 light(s) skipped. Active Ray Tracing light count > RAY_TRACING_LIGHT_COUNT_MAXIMUM(256)

Is there a setting I’m missing out on? I thought we could have a number of lights that get up close to 1000?

Hi there @joe.raasch, welcome back to the forums!

If I am not mistaken this is a compile time setting in the Engine itself, unrelated to NvRTX.

Did you see this post on the Unreal forums?

The fact that they use the NvRTX branch is coincidental. Should work - at your own risk - with stock UE source as well.

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