Lumen hit shading for radiance cache and screen probes crashing

I just updated my source build of NvRTX 5.3.2 Unreal Engine and I’m trying to try out the new hit shading for Lumen radiance cache and screen probes but it immediately crashes with the same error regardless of the project I’m in, including a new project. Is anyone else having this issue? I have NRD enabled when I try this. I’ve attached an example of the error message. Logs say pretty much the same thing.

yes same :)

Assertion failed: View.SampledLightingState.IsValid() [File:E:\UE53\Engine\Source\Runtime\Renderer\Private\Lumen\LumenRadianceCacheHardwareRayTracing.cpp] [Line: 473]

I have the solution, for it to work r.RayTracing.SampledLighting must be set to 1 beforehand.

I’ll try again this evening but when I posted this, that solution didn’t work for me unfortunately

Hi there @shopealope and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

And thanks Shoonka for chipping in.

Unfortunately I don’t have a quick solution here. But if you could attach a proper log here with the assertion message I can push that to some of the NvRTX maintainers and see if they know about it.