Omniverse streaming client not connecting to Isaac Sim with native livestream


I am trying to connect to a personal remote machine on which a container is deployed. I am using the Omniverse streaming client on windows, but It doesn’t connect. Here are the details of my setup.

  • Local machine: macOS M1 with windows 11 VM running using Parallels
  • Remote machine with physical access: Ubuntu 20.04 on which the container is installed.

I am trying to access it over the internet using Tailscale. If I try to access Isaac directly from the remote machine with the ip address from Tailscale, it works, but not from windows. So I think that this issue is not connection related, but rather caused by something missing on the Windows end.

Here is the log:

[2024-04-04 17:19:06,691]=19:19:06=   DEBUG [Geronimo: GeronimoRemoteConfig] {0000168C} - Cannot open config file RemoteConfig.json.
[2024-04-04 17:19:06,692]=19:19:06=    INFO [Tracing] {0000168C} - Starting tracing for gfn-gamestream.
[2024-04-04 17:19:06,692]=19:19:06=   ERROR [OV-Streaming-Client: main] {0000168C} - SetProcessDpiAwareness failed with 80070005
[2024-04-04 17:19:06,692]=19:19:06=    INFO [OV-Streaming-Client: main] {0000168C} - Command line: "kit-remote.exe --width 1920 --height 1080 --server X.X.X.X"
[2024-04-04 17:19:06,693]=19:19:06=    INFO [OV-Streaming-Client: main] {0000168C} - Setting log level to 'E'
[2024-04-04 17:19:06,713]=19:19:06=   ERROR [DXUtils] {0000168C} - DX Error: 80070057 : E_INVALIDARG : An invalid parameter was passed to the returning function
[2024-04-04 17:19:06,748]=19:19:06=   ERROR [WiFiUtil] {0000168C} - Creating WLAN handle failed : 1062
[2024-04-04 17:19:06,816]=19:19:06=   ERROR [DXVADecoderInstance] {0000168C} - GERONIMO_ERROR 0xC0F1106C GERONIMO_DXVA_DX11_DECODER_FORMAT: DXVA(DX11) CheckVideoDecoderFormat failed.
[2024-04-04 17:19:06,816]=19:19:06=   ERROR [DXUtils] {0000168C} - DX Error: 80070057 : E_INVALIDARG : An invalid parameter was passed to the returning function
[2024-04-04 17:19:06,817]=19:19:06=   ERROR [DXVADecoder] {0000168C} - DXVA not supported (Create Video Decoder Instance Failed)
[2024-04-04 17:19:06,817]=19:19:06=   ERROR [DXVADecoder] {0000168C} - GERONIMO_ERROR 0xC0F1103F GERONIMO_DXVADECODER_NOT_SUPPORTED: DXVA decoder is not supported.
[2024-04-04 17:19:06,817]=19:19:06=   ERROR [RemoteGridApp] {0000168C} - DecoderInit failed. 0xc0f1103f
[2024-04-04 17:19:06,817]=19:19:06=   ERROR [OV-Streaming-Client: main] {0000168C} - STARTUP: FAIL: Configure Failed!  Exiting.