Omniverse VS Holodeck for Small Team Local VR Collabs?

Hello. I’m interested in having a small team of no more than 5 users all working together in VR at the same time with 3D models, video skybox environments, etc. It would be a 1 teacher, 4 young student classroom scenario.

Ideally I would love to have full control to build the environments with Unreal but when it comes time for the group lesson, I want the users in VR to have a very simple and intuitive UI with their hand controllers (or even hand tracking) for basic interactions with 3D objects. This would all be on a wired local network and would absolutely love to be able to leverage DLSS and even Unreal’s Nanite.

Is Omniverse a good fit or overkill (too expensive for this small, local network team)? Would Nvidia Holodeck be a better fit and does it still exist?

Hi @cameratraveler27! Thanks for reaching out! I’ve contacted the development team to help answer your questions.


The omniverse route will be a great way to achieve what you’re looking for due to its native editable nature.

We’re currently working on making your use case work in OV soon. We’ll do what we can to keep you updated.


Dane J