On the problem of batch installing system for Jetson nano

Hello, technical support. I have dozens of Jetson nano 2GB development boards (without EMMC) now. I install the image from SD and use it. But it’s too troublesome to install the system for each motherboard separately, and I can’t complete the batch production. So I try to insert the SD card on the motherboard that works normally into another motherboard, but it doesn’t work normally. Do you have any way to solve this problem?

I don’t have a 2GB to experiment with, but maybe something useful to start with. In the models with eMMC there is a QSPI memory which matters during boot, and is set up to match for a given release during flash. For an SD card to work on such models the QSPI must have been correctly flashed. For the reverse, where you have a purely SD card model, and no eMMC, then all such flash content would be entirely on the SD card…there would be no need to set up any individual module’s QSPI (since SD card models don’t have QSPI).

What might matter is if the SD card image of a non-eMMC model is using a different carrier board. I don’t know if your carrier boards are all the same model, I don’t know for certain much of anthing about which models and revisions of carrier boards are compatible with the 2GB SD card module, but assuming this is not eMMC (which seems to be the case), then this is more likely an issue of device tree requiring something different due to carrier board version or revision. You will want to describe more closely about each carrier board and its revision, and also if other modules can succeed using the original module’s working SD card on that specific carrier board.

first. Thank you very much for your reply!

  1. They are all the same model

  2. All models are Jetson nano 2GB without WiFi

  3. SD card compatibility (normal use (SD card with system) can be re burned to the system and run normally on other motherboards)

  4. I tried to replace the SD card on the “4GB EMMC Jetson nano” (the same model), and found that it is feasible. The SD card that runs normally on the main board 1 can be directly inserted into the main board 2 and can be used directly without burning the system again

I think I should put on the picture, thank you again for your kind reply、

I think it is important to know that the 4GB and 2GB models will have different requirements, and that (at least in theory) the two models cannot use the same SD card image (if they do, then there might be something odd going on, or something not working which you just are not aware of…but I would think an incorrect memory capacity list would fail during memory setup/training in early boot stages).

Do all 2GB models work on a specific carrier board with the same SD card? Are any of the carrier boards a different revision, especially one where a known working SD card plus module combination works with that SD card? I’m basically trying to find out if the problem follows the carrier board with a known working SD card for a known working module, or if the problem follows the carrier board.

1.When I try to run two different versions, 2GB version uses 2GB system, and 4GB version uses 4GB system without mixing

  1. They are all of the same model

Do all 2GB modules work on one carrier board using different SD cards? Do all 4GB modules work on one carrier board using different SD cards? Conversely, does a single known “works in one case” SD card work with all modules on the same carrier board? I’m still looking at whether the problem follows the carrier board, or if it follows the module, or it is independent of this. Knowing there is a 2GB model and a 4GB model does require two separate test cases, but the logic should be the same if we stick to just a 2GB question or just a 4GB question.