OpenCL 1.0 no 1.1

I am trying to use OpenCL 1.1
I have a quadro FX 3700M
I try with the 260.99 or 266.35 or 266.58 drivers
installed gpucomputingsdk_3.2.16_win_64.exe and cudatoolkit_3.2.16_win_64.msi
my application always get OpenCL 1.0 :

Number of platforms : 1
Platform : NVIDIA CUDA
Platform Profile : FULL_PROFILE
Platform Version : OpenCL 1.0 CUDA 3.2.1
Platform Name : NVIDIA CUDA
Platform Vendor : NVIDIA Corporation

how to get OpenCL 1.1 ?

The current public official and beta drivers only support 1.0

If you sign up to be a registered developer here, they have a beta 1.1 version available to download on the registered developer website.

I’m a registered developer, I saw :
On the same day Khronos Group announced the new OpenCL v1.1 specification update (June 14th, 2010),
NVIDIA released OpenCL v1.1 pre-release drivers and SDK code samples to all GPU Computing registered developers.
Log in or apply for an account to download OpenCL v1.1 pre-release drivers and code samples today.

if you go there you can get older rekease of the 3.2 SDK
a driver from June which don’t work on the mobile family if I remember.

So prerelease drivers where announced 6 months ago and there is no release yet ?
Does anyone access the 1.1 ?

Unfortunately, that is correct.

If you mean if anyone of us has installed the preview driver and used 1.1-only features yet, well, I have used the driver successfully some time ago, but as I do not currently depend on 1.1-only features, I installed a more recent driver with OpenCL 1.0 support instead.

So does it mean the only OpenCL 1.1 driver is the preview driver ?

I don’t depend on 1.1 but now NVidia announced it 6 months ago and then nothing ?

NVIDIA are known to be slow when it comes to driver updates (unlike AMD), yet they still have lots of bugs…