OpenCL 1.1 in CUDA 4.0

I currently use OpenCL 1.0 in CUDA 3.2. I really need to use OpenCL 1.1. I’m sure if I should just install the OpenCL 1.1 Conformance Candidate or install CUDA 4.0. (I assume that CUDA 4.0 has OpenCL 1.1. Is that true?) Thank you in advance.

No, unfortunately that’s not true. NVIDIA currently does not offer any public / stable OpenCL 1.1 driver.

I see. In that case, should I go with the beta version? Is it stable?

In my experience, it’s not stable, that’s why it’s still beta ;-)

We’re in the unfortunate situation that the OpenCL 1.1 beta driver has some issues that the more recent stable OpenCL 1.0 driver (which in general comes with the GPU driver, not with the CUDA SDK) does not have anymore, but on the other hand it’s just OpenCL 1.0. So you currently have the choice between stable 1.0 support or buggy 1.1 support :-/ (Where “buggy 1.1” does not mean that the bugs are only in the 1.1-specific part, but like I said, the 1.1 driver might still have bugs that are already fixed in the 1.0 driver.)

Thank you so much.

Just curious. What bugs have you encountered in OpenCL 1.1 beta driver?

All sorts of stuff related to using image objects, compiler bugs (generating invalid code), strange 64-bit issues … I would have to go through my reports at the NVIDIA bug tracker for details, it has been a while.

And just as we speak of it, NVIDIA releases the 280.19 beta driver with OpenCL 1.1 support :-)

that’s great! thanks for letting me know.