opencl 1.1 driver for gtx 460m?

I bought an ASUS G53 laptop with gtx 460m and was thinking of learning opencl programming with it. However, I couldn’t install the opencl 1.1 beta driver on it. The default driver and latest that I can find from nvidia seem to only support opencl 1.0.

Anyone has any clue about this?

Or the other question, how different is opencl 1.0 from 1.1?


The beta driver most likely only lists desktop GPU PCIIDs in the INF file. You might be able to modify the INF to add your laptop’s GPU PCIID.
See the website LaptopVideo2Go for info on how to do this modification.

As for CL 1.1 changes, not much has changed as 1.1 will be compatible with programs written using 1.0.

But it is definitely better as the new functions for event callbacks, thread safe API, bigger texture sizes and several bug fixes are very handy. I can’t wait for NVIDIA to release the stable 1.1 driver… AMD have supported 1.1 for a while now.


I went to LaptopVideo2Go and fetched the modded INF for 258.19 to replace the default one I downloaded from Nvidia. Now it works on my laptop. So far no problem running simple opencl codes as well as playing games and other normal graphics usage.

As far as the difference between CL1.1 and 1.0 that noticed, is only that CL1.1 supports CL extension query which CL1.0 doesn’t previously on my laptop.