OpenCL not available after suspend/resume cycle with driver 525.78.01-0ubuntu0.22.04.1 and Kernel 5.15.0-58

I’m using the driver and kernel version specified in the topic title, in Mint 21, based on ubuntu 22.04, with 2 GB Geforce GTX 1050 .

After a suspend/resume cycle those applications which exploit OpenCl (such as clinfo and darktable) report that OpenCl is not available. The same issue might exist with the previous driver (515.86.01) and a previous kernel (5.15.0-57). work around is to unload and reload nvidia_uvm

Similar issue with 595 driver on MX 23 (Debian derivative) . No audio on initial cold boot, openCL works in darktable, reboot, audio is back, no openCL.

The same for me on Nvidia 1030 with 550.67 driver on ALT Linux 6.6.23. The same was with earlier drivers and kernels. This issue is quite many years old and still not fixed.