Orin 35.2.1 start up failed when entering state BL31 and how to solve it?

When entering state BL31, the Orin 35.2.1 start up failed. The following is the error log and the attachment is the full log.Do you know the reason?
bl31_startup_failed.txt (28.1 KB)

��NOTICE:  BL31: v2.6(release):6363e7382
NOTICE:  BL31: Built : 15:09:30, Jan 24 2023
ERROR:   Exception reason=2 syndrome=0x80000011
ERROR:   **************************************
ERROR:   RAS Uncorrectable Error in SCC, base=0xe017000:
ERROR:   	Status = 0xe400090d
ERROR:   SERR = Illegal address (software fault): 0xd
ERROR:   	IERR = Address Range Error: 0x9
ERROR:   	MISC0 = 0x2000000
ERROR:   	MISC1 = 0x34991
ERROR:   	MISC2 = 0x0
ERROR:   	MISC3 = 0x0
ERROR:   	ADDR = 0x800000893b71e238
ERROR:   **************************************
ERROR:   sdei_dispatch_event returned -1
��DCE: FW Boot Done

please upgrade to rel-35.4.1. This has been fixed in this release.

Can you tell me how to fix it in 35.2.1? The update of version is a big thing.

Not able to fix this because this one has a very large software change in Optee.

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