Orin AGX can not access I2c device

Very similar to this problem。 Cannot access i2c device Orin NX
I am looking for a device on address 0x21, as seen in the screenshots below, the device is present on Xavier AGX, but on Orin AGX I cannot find devicess address 0x21 on any of the i2c busses 8.

Is PIN 188 on the development PCB of ORIN? I can’t find it.

Sorry for the late response, have you managed to get issue resolved or still need the support? Thanks

Hi, I don’t get what you mean clearly. Do you mean Xavier or Orin NX? This is AGX Xavier site.

Not resolved yet

It’s on Orin AGX.
Sorry, I put it in the wrong site

Please descibe your question in detail. If it is AGX Orin, there is no pin 188 then. And which I2C port do you mean? Please list the pin numbe of the I2C port you asked.

We connected a 6408 chip using the I2C5 interface

The device could not be scanned using the i2cdetect command
We made sure the chip was powered on

Here we read the information using the i2cget command.
On xavier

On Orin

It is I2C9.

it is AGX Orin。
When I use i2cdetect bus 8 , The signal was measured with an oscilloscope
Bus 9,Don’t support detect

It should be 1.8V on Orin.

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