Orin DevKit Cable H-MTD Pinout

Hello NVIDIA Team,

With the Orin DevKit, it comes with an H-MTD breakout cable for both the Hex MATENet and Quad H-MTD connectors. I’m looking for the pinout of the connectors to ensure that i do not swap the 100/1000BASE-T1 pairs - while most PHYs can handle the swapped pins, i’m not sure that all of them will so i would rather not risk it.

In the Mechanical and Installation Guide it provides the figure below but it does not provide the pinout of each pin. Can this information be shared? I’d like this for both the H-MTD Quad and the MATENet connector if possible.


Hi, what kind of this board is? Is it Orin devkit? If not, please check with vendor for detail info.

This is the Orin DevKit P3710 purchase from NVIDIA directly.

The pinout is missing from the documentation provided.

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