Orin mass flash err

hi nvidia team:

I using orin jetson-agx-orin-devkit-as-jao-32gb module mass flash.
below is my step:

create massflash dir.
sudo BOARDID=3701 FAB=500 BOARDSKU=0004 BOARDREV=G.0 ./tools/kernel_flash/l4t_initrd_flash.sh --no-flash --network usb0 --massflash 6 jetson-agx-orin-devkit-as-jao-32gb mmcblk0p1
this step is success.
set module recovery mode and flash
sudo ./tools/kernel_flash/l4t_initrd_flash.sh --flash-only --massflash 5 --showlogs
but there are some errors;

root@enlaihe:/home/repo/Linux_for_Tegra/A741_massflash_2023061618# sudo ./tools/kernel_flash/l4t_initrd_flash.sh --flash-only --massflash 5 --showlogs
/home/repo/Linux_for_Tegra/A741_massflash_2023061618/tools/kernel_flash/l4t_initrd_flash_internal.sh --usb-instance 1-6 --device-instance 0 --flash-only --network usb0 jetson-agx-orin-devkit-as-jao-32gb mmcblk0p1
Start flashing device: 1-6, rcm instance: 0, PID: 2048745
Log will be saved to Linux_for_Tegra/initrdlog/flash_1-6_0_20230616-204700.log
Flash complete (WITH FAILURES)

dev_log.txt (523.5 KB)

host_log.txt (17.5 KB)

duplicated issue

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