Orin Nano Developer Kit works but Orin nano module doesn't work

I designed my carrier board based on P3768 board. My board works with developer kit module which include sd card model(I don’t use SD card. I use NVME SSD). However it doesn’t work with Orin nano 8GB module. I carefully checked I think there are no differences. Have you encountered a similar problem? Or What should I care to about this?

What is it does not work?
You gave just too less information for us to help you.

I mean orin nano 8GB module cannot boot with jetson orin nx developer kit.
I have two modules and two different carrier board.
Seed studio j202 model carrier board can boot with orin nano 8GB module
Orin nx developer kit can boot with orin nano developer kit module.
When swap modules both carrier boards cannot boot each other.
I also designed my own carrier board based on P3738 board. It also can boot with developer kit module but cannot boot Orin nano module.
Is there any difference with developer kit module and orin nano module?

Of course you cannot swap the carrier boards without re-flashing…
P3768 (DevKit) board and J202 board uses different device trees that are not compatible with each other.

When i connect to Orin Nano module to developer kit which i use with seeedstudio board there is no current consumption.
should i do re-flashing with seeedstudio board?

Of course you need.

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