Orin Nano DevKit Crash Issue After Approximately 20 Minutes


I am encountering an issue where my Orin Nano DevKit shuts down about 20 minutes after booting.

  • Our Orin Nano is an 8GB DevKit.
  • I used SDKManager to flash JetPack 5.1.1 rev. 1.
  • When the system crashes, only the power LED remains on; the network LED and fan both turn off.
  • The minicom connection is lost.

Attached are the files: jetpack_ver.txt, dmesg_usingminicom.txt, and tegrastat.txt.

Could you please assist in resolving this issue?

Thank you!

What connection are you using to dump the minicom log?

Seems not from the uart serial console but just usb port. This thing cannot dump crash log.

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Just start a serial console log before turning on power to the Jetson. It is useful to see the entire boot sequence log up through point of failure. Most of the time one needs to know not just what the error was, but also what happened leading up to the failure.

Hello everyone,

I’ve been trying to connect my Jetson Orin Nano using USB but unfortunately, I haven’t received any meaningful output from minicom.

Additionally, I attempted to inspect the boot sequence via USB to TTL. I followed the steps shown in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kwpxhw41W50. Initially, I connected the green, white, and black connectors to the Orin Nano and then powered it on. However, all the LEDs turned off, the fan stopped working, and the device became warm after a few minutes.

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on what might be going wrong or what I should try next?

Thank you

Are you sure you have the correct pins for that model? The Orin Nano is different than the Nano. Jim’s video from JetsonHacks.com shows the silkmask labels of those pins. Ground for that model should be pin 7, not pin 5. TX would be pin 4, rx would be pin 3 (first pin is pin 1, so numbering is 1-based).

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Thanks to everyone for your assistance.

I realized that my USB-TTL connection was incorrectly connected, shifted by one slot. After using the debug console and executing sudo dmesg -wT, my system crashed, displaying the following logs:

tegra_clks_suspend_early done
suspended vdd_core @ 867625uV
spe entering sc7
tegra_clks_suspend done
fmon_suspend done
t234_adc_suspend done
WAKE_MASK[31:0] = 0x21000102
WAKE_MASK[63:32] = 0x0
WAKE_MASK[95:64] = 0x1ff200
TIER0[31:0] = 0x0
TIER0[63:32] = 0x0
TIER0[95:64] = 0x0
TIER1[31:0] = 0x0
TIER1[63:32] = 0x0
TIER1[95:64] = 0x0
TIER2[31:0] = 0x21000102
TIER2[63:32] = 0x0
TIER2[95:64] = 0xff200

dmesgwT.txt (82.4 KB)

I suspect that this issue may be similar to the involuntary suspension problem discussed in this thread: After L4T 35.3 upgrade, Orin starts suspending involuntarily.

As a potential solution, I will try to remove gdm3. I’ll keep you updated on the results. Any further advice would be greatly appreciated!

Removing gdm3 works!

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