Orin Nano HDMI 2.0 compliance test problem

We try to check Orin Nano HDMI 2.0 compliance test on our carrier, but there is no result output at E-DDC Electrical test(Test ID HF1-54, HF1-55).
Normally, we can get the bus low level voltage and the timing like setup time, hold time…etc. However, we get nothing during the test. It keeps the test is in processing.

We also tried, 35.3.1 Orin Nano 8GB + Xavier Devkit carrier, it’s no result output, too.
(To build the image:
sudo BOARDID=3767 BOARDSKU=0003 ./tools/kernel_flash/l4t_initrd_flash.sh --external-device nvme0n1p1 -c tools/kernel_flash/flash_l4t_external.xml -p “-c bootloader/t186ref/cfg/flash_t234_qspi.xml” --showlogs --network usb0 p3509-a02+p3767-0000 internal)

Can NVIDIA help to check this problem?


Hi, is the issue related to DDC port? Did you probe the DDC lines to check if correct signal waveform coming out?

Hi Trumany,
It’s related to DDC port.
The Signals come out and OK.

  1. Does Orin NX/ Orin Nano pass HDMI Compliance test 2.0?
  2. Any suggestion for us to get the test result?


We are checking this internally, will update once available.

BTW, can you share the I2C waveform on your carrier and also on your Xavier NX carrier? We need to check the voltage level of the signals.

As you can see in the HDMI part in Orin Design Guide, there is a note: Level shifters required on DDC/HPD. Orin module pads are not 5V tolerant and cannot directly meet HDMI VIL/VIH requirements. HPD level shifter can be non-inverting or inverting.

Please check the figure taken from our board.(Ch1: CLK SOM side, CH2: DAT SOM side, CH3: CLK connector side, CH4: DAT connector side)
We did something for DDC bus of HDMI compliance test, just use NVIDIA Devkits, not use the board we designed, so I think we can focus on your Devkit.

a. Orin Nano + Xavier Devkit carrier → No result output.
b. Orin Nano + Orin Devkit carrier → Get result, DDC low level NG and CLK/DAT timing NG
c. Xavier NX + Orin Devkit carrier → Get result, DDC low level OK, CLK/DAT timing NG
d. Xavier NX + Xavier NX Devkit carrier → Get result, DDC low level NG, CLK/DAT timing NG.

a. I guess NVIDIA Devkits didn’t run HDMI 2.0 compliance test.
b. The difference between Xavier Devkit, and Orin Devkit is DP dual mode support or not. Can you check the difference(HW, code…etc) base on the above tests of 4 combinations?



We also tried, 35.3.1 Orin Nano 8GB + Xavier Devkit carrier, it’s no result output, too.

Does “no output” mean HDMI does not output on screen or you are talking about compliance test?

There is no need to test Orin Nano + Orin nano Devkit carrier because that is totally DP behavior. HDMI should not refer to such case.

Can you please also share the I2C waveform of your Orin nano module + Xavier NX carrier (P3509)?

No output means to run compliance test, waiting for result like DDC level, timing output, but nothing output after long time like waiting for more than 10 minutes . it looks like to be stuck and can’t go on. For normal case, we can get result with 1 minute or 30 seconds.
Because Orin Devkit support dual mode, we used a passive dongle for HDMI output to test.
Just to compare the difference combinations, and show the difference results.


Please forget about that dual mode and only focus on Orin + Xavier NX devkit case for HDMI.

Orin + Xavier NX devkit passed the HDMI compliance. But I am not sure the status of Orin + Orin nano devkit for HDMI. Need further check.

The difference between the design of HDMI(or said DP dual mode) on Orin SOM and Xavier SOM?
Because the different results are gotten when using these 2 modules on the same carrier.
Orin + Xavier NX devkit carrier doesn’t pass DDC bus test of HDMI 2.0 compliance test, the result doesn’t output.

It is on the SOM. Xavier SOM does not support DP dual mode at all.

Is it possible to share the circuit of DDC bus on SOM?

DDC line are directly connected to module pins.

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