Orin NX 16gb, R36.2 , Issue with using interface usb eth1(lan7850)

Hello nvidia support team,
I use Orin NX 16gb with custom carrier board and I had issue with usb eth1 interface.
I use following ethernet settings:

dmesg log:
dmesg.log (56.7 KB)

When I try to ping board address I got errors:

Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
Request timed out.
Request timed out.

I used WireShark to inspect ethernet trafic and I can’t see any packets from Orin Nx, no Arp and no Icmp.

When I use pcie eth0 interface with same settings and same ethernet cable everything works correct.

Also I have checked my carrier board with TX2 NX module and with it usb eth1 also works correct.

Can you help me?

There is no error log in dmesg for eth1.

If you really want us to help, put any usb device which uses lan7850 to NV devkit and test.

Nothing else we can help with current information.

Or try not to use static IP case first.

Unfortunately auto IP assignment does not work. But when I set eth1 speed to 100mb I was able to connect to the board. And as I said before, module TX2 NX works corerct with eth1 on 1000mb. Is there any limits on usb for Orin NX ?
I use following usb2 pins for eth1:
123 USB2_D_P USB2_D_P
121 USB2_D_N USB2_D_N

I don’t have original nvidia carrier board but I can provide any additional information you need to help find solution

It is actually not something that you can compare between a TX2 NX and Orin NX. Their kernel version is totally different.

Also, if you can detect this device, then it has nothing to do with USB setting. Which usb pins you are using are totally not related to current issue.

There is nothing I can help unless you reproduce same issue on NV devkit. I would say try other kind of card or try to use DHCP to test more cases to isolate the real case that would trigger this problem.

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