Orin NX not boot

We are designing a carrier board for Orin NX.
When I turn on the device first thing in the morning, it often won’t start.
Do you know what the cause is?

[0000.065] I> MB1 (version:

[0000.070] I> t234-A01-0-Silicon (0x12347) Prod

[0000.075] I> Boot-mode : Coldboot

[0000.078] I> Entry timestamp: 0x00000000

[0000.082] I> last_boot_error: 0x0

[0000.085] I> BR-BCT: preprod_dev_sign: 0

[0000.088] I> rst_source: 0x0, rst_level: 0x0

[0000.093] I> Task: SE error check

[0000.096] I> Task: Bootchain select WAR set

[0000.100] I> Task: Enable SLCG

[0000.103] I> Task: CRC check

[0000.106] I> Task: Initialize MB2 params

[0000.110] I> MB2-params @

Does flashing show any error?
What L4T version you are using? Is the same module working on a DevKit?
Please put the full serial console log.

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