Orin NX SYS_RESET* - pin type 1.8V OD with 3.3V pull-up

The design guide (Page 24) indicates that SYS_RESET* is pulled-up to 3.3V with 1K ohms and the pin type is Open Drain 1.8V. Does this mean: 1) the gate of the MOSFET is controlled by a 1.8V logic (probably from the processor) 2) As an output, SYS_RESET* is 3.3V when inactive, and near 0V when active. 3) As an input, SYS_RESET* can accept 3.3V push-pull drive. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks.

Hi, SYS_RESET* is pulled up to 1.8V with 1K as OD pin, it is a typo in doc that will be corrected. Its output is 1.8V or 0V. As input, only need to pull it to 0V or leave it de-asserted.

Thanks for the clarification!

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