Regarding the issue of ORIN NX

There are two questions, I hope can get help. Thanks for your time.

  1. How to understand the reference clock of PCIE0, which is described in the data manual as a terminal and used as input? Is it okay to use the reference clock of PCIE0 as the output for the SSD currently designed for PCIE0 connection?

  2. What is the voltage level of PIN188 and PIN194 pins? The manual is not written. Currently designed for 3.3V, is there any problem?

  1. It can be output when Orin NX is root port.

  2. Both are negative end of LED. 3.3V on positvie end is ok.

Hi Trumany,
Thanks for your reply.
According to the orin NX V1.2 datasheet, the manual only describes the information of PIN 87,118 and 216, and 8 gpio pins such as PIN 124,126,128,130,206,212,218,228 are not described. The default level is CMOS 1.8V?

Which doc do you mean? The pins are listed clearly like below showing in v1.2 datasheet.

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Got it with thanks.

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