OS08A10 HDR on TX2


I am trying to get working the HDR on OS08A10 sensor, the sensor has three HDR modes:

a) VC mode

b) New Staggered Mode

c) LVDS Axis mode.

Our understanding is virtual channel is not suported on the TX2, so we are trying to use New Staggered Mode, This mode bring us a short exposure frame and a long exposure frame in a single longer frame. we checked the TRM for the TX2 and we found this:

“Data Type Interleaving: In HDR line-by-line mode, the sensor can output long/short exposure lines using the same VC
and a different programmable data type (DT).”

Does TX2 supports HDR processing? Is this mode expecting one short exposure frame and then one long exposure frame or does it supports a longer frame composed by short frame and long frame?


Suppose the imx185 use the same HDR mode. Please check this driver and DT to know more.

Hi ShaneCCC,

We checked how the imx185, but there is a big difference with the sensor we have. Our sensor works with different HDR mode, We are interested to know: is the TX2 has the support to decode a larger frame composed by a short frame and long frame? like next picture

What HDR modes supports the TX2? What you refer when you mention HDR line-by-line mode? one line short frame and one line long frame as the image below?


Hi All,

After futher research we found that Jetson doesn’t support Staggered mode yet, and only PWL streams where the exposures are combined on the sensor side. It seems that NVIDIA will support it on the fall release.