PCoIP Session Shadowing

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I’m using horizon view 6.2 with grid k2 card. I want to use the PCoIP display of user shadow over vSphere console.

thank you for your help

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I think this is better suited to the vSPhere forums or to Teradici. The VM having a GPU attached and the NVIDIA bits aren’t part of any session sharing capability which would be implemented by the protocol and/or VMware/Citrix stack. https://communities.vmware.com/welcome

Do link to any thread you start as others may find this by google and we also want to know how you get on!

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Since PCoIP Shadowing uses the vSphere console, which is rendered unavailable for sessions with GPU’s attached (Physical or Virtual) until VMware fix this, PCoIP shadowing is not an option.

I know this is old but to shadow a user you can install VNC on the image. This pulls the active PCOIP session of a user.