Periodic Frame Drops

When I run games I often see 60+fps but then get periodic frame drops down to 2-12 fps that last for a minute or two. Anyone know what is going on? It has not always happened. I attached a bug log.

nvidia-bug-report.log (942.8 KB)

Reinstalling the nvidia driver packages appears to have fixed the issue.

Nevertheless you should monitor gpu temperature, in the log it was quite high with no load. Maybe your heat sink is clogged with dust so the gpu throttles intermittently.

It started happening again the day after. I discovered that it is caused by the CPU overheating and scaling down to protect itself. The system fan is only spinning up to 4200 RPM even though max is 6100 RPM. For some reason it won’t go up to max when needed in automatic (I can manually set it to max).

The GPU is in the low 50s when not used. How is that high? It is in low to mid 80s when used.

With the fan manually on maximum the CPU stays 80 or lower and GPU stays in 70s.

In the logs it was at 64°C while mostly idle.

Also I cleaned the ports. There was a little bit of dust in it, not much.

Probably 64 after being used (possibly slowly coming down) or maybe I was using the CPU a lot and the temp may have increased due to that? I’m looking at it right now and it’s 49.

likely that.