PhysX 3.3.1: Cloth is ripped apart rather than laying on capsule


I’m trying to lay out a piece of clothing on top of a simple capsule as it was a tablecloth but the garment continues slipping over the capsule and it is even ripped apart.

Check out the following snapshots please:


I’m using this config:

cloth.setStretchConfig(PxClothFabricPhaseType::eVERTICAL, PxClothStretchConfig(0.8f));
cloth.setStretchConfig(PxClothFabricPhaseType::eHORIZONTAL, PxClothStretchConfig(0.3f));
cloth.setStretchConfig(PxClothFabricPhaseType::eSHEARING, PxClothStretchConfig(0.5f));
cloth.setStretchConfig(PxClothFabricPhaseType::eBENDING, PxClothStretchConfig(0.5f));

Best regards.