Physx objects

How to convert particle instances to physx objects? Or create the above effect with Visual Node?

Hi, what is the “above effect” that you are referring to? We also have a number of different particle features in development and also physx has particle and rigid body technology. I think maybe I can help if you can be very specific about what objects you have (how you created them) and what you would like to end up with. Having said that, in general being able to convert between these different object types is not a given.

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Many instances of dynamic collision in this scene are implemented in maya (particle + MASH/Bullet physics), I hope to achieve a similar effect in Create, I don’t know how to create an effect like a particle emitter, create and control a large number of physics objects

So the goal is to have an emitter spawning these strawberries that will collide with each other and the ground as if they were rigid bodies? I am guessing representing as spheres is insufficient, you want a bit more detailed collision representation right, maybe convex meshes?

In this case I would recommend to look into USD point instancers. There is a point instancers demo here:

Unfortunately we have not yet hooked up these point instancers to particle emitters. This is something we are working on for a future release. My colleague Ales says it might be possible to get an emitter-like effect using Python code by recycling elements in the point instancer array.