Can I run Physx rigid body sims on UsdGeomPointInstancer instances?

Trying to work with individual prims for large rigid body sims has been unwieldy. Is it possible to do the same with point instance instead? How would I set that up?

yes, that is possible. For example the KaplaArena General Sample does show the usecase. If you open Window->Physics->Demo Scenes, you should be able to load KaplaArena demo. There is Open Source button and there you can see how to setup a point instancer with physics.
In short, it should be enough to have RigidBodyAPI and CollisionAPI on the prim that you are instancing.


Actually the KaplaArena does not show directly the python code and is quite complex. But there is a simple example for point instancer. The BoxOnPlaneInstanced snippet does exactly that and is very simple, please check that one instead.


Exactly what I needed. Thanks! Here’s the fruit of our labor: MagicVoxel Rigid Body Simulation in NVIDIA Omniverse - YouTube

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That looks awesome!