Converting PhysX Objects to USD for Use in IsaacSim

Hi! I am working on a project where I need to import objects created in NVIDIA PhysX into IsaacSim for robot manipulation tasks. Specifically, I am looking to use objects with a particle-based representation, such as PBD cloth, in the PhysX SDK.

Does anyone know the best practices for programmatically saving these PhysX-generated objects as USD files that can be imported into IsaacSim? If anyone has experience or insights on converting PhysX objects (especially particle-based objects like cloths and soft bodies) to USD files, your guidance would be greatly appreciated. I have seen this documentation, but wondering if there are any additional resources or examples that are suited for my purpose.

I have also looked into using the Warp simulator (instead of PhysX), which seems like it is easier to generate USD files. But it would be ideal if I could easily save objects created with PhysX in a USD format.

Thank you!

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