PhysX SDK v.3x Visualization without start simulation.

Given for visualization I receive from PxRenderBuffer,
But PxRenderBuffer is updated only after simulation.
I need to see the created objects prior to the beginning movement.

In PhysX v.2x it was possible to set a time step equal to zero both the buffer was updated also objects remained on the places, but in PhysX v.3x such does not work.

Prompt please how to update PxRenderBuffer not starting simulation?

P.S. Excuse me for mine English.

I believe that you should be able to pass timestep = 0 in PhysX-3.3. I’m not sure how to flush the PxRenderBuffer otherwise, I’ll check.


Thank you for a response.

In PhysX v3.2.4 and PhysX v3.3.0 Beta-2



PxRenderBuffer is not updated.