Play multiple video files with replayer.


Can I use the Replayer tool to play multiple video files at the same time?

I was able to play one video file by entering the following command.
./replayer --camera=[path to raw file]


Dear masa_t,

Can I know what ./replayer is you mentioned?
Is DriveWorks sample_camera_replay? or NvMedia? Thanks.

Dear, SteveNV

replayer is one of the applications of Driveworks tools. It exists in [installed path]/driveworks/tools/replayer.


Dear masa_t,
Did you check using rig file as parameter?

Dear SivaRamaKrishna,

I tried also rig parameter, but only one camera image was displayed.
I would like to know if replayer can only display one camera image in the upper right corner.

Driverworks SDK Reference : Replayer Tool


Dear masa_t,

Unfortunately the replayer tool can’t show multiple cameras at the same time. It can play multiple cameras, but the only one is displayed. Thanks.

Dear SteveNV,

Thank you for your support.
I grasped replayer tool can display only one.