Please fix your installers to remove old versions when you update Kit Apps

My hard drive was filling up, so I started looking for folders that are using a lot of space.

I noticed the ov folder in my AppData directory still has all the previous versions even though they will never be used again.

Create alone had 6 gigs of old versions, and Machinima about the same.
All of our hard drives will be full if this isn’t changed.

On a side note, I was bored yesterday and off work, so I wrote a quick removal tool if anyone wants to use it:

OVCleaner is a C# WinForms .Net 6 app. You will need Visual Studio 2022 with Windows Desktop enabled or there is also an installer version.

Here is a short video for OV Cleaner:

Thank you

I think you can remove the old versions manually in the launcher.

I never noticed it before, but I will look for that next time I update.

I want to be clear what I meant when I said ‘Installer’. I am referring to when I am on the Create Launcher App ‘Library’ tab, and a bell icon says an update is ready to be installed.

I click ‘Update’, and it just starts installing the update on the top right hand corner. I have never seen a GUI to select an option to remove an old version.

Click this:


Then click settings. A list of installed versions should be there. With an Uninstall button for each.

OK, I have never clicked on that except to install update. An automatic removal would probably still help a lot of people that don’t know to do that.