Uninstalling Omniverse Apps doesn't work

I’m trying to re-install Omniverse along with the app(s) on it. But it’s like it’s not uninstalling and always returns me to the same state as before. I’m doing this because i cannot update the apps or launcher from the launcher.

  • Removing Omniverse Launcher works but when re-installing it just indicates that i still have all the apps installed so it’s back to how it was before i uninstalled it.
  • Tried to remove individual apps in Omniverse Launcher(not working)
  • Deleted Individual app(s) from HDD
  • Folder is gone but Omniverse still showing the apps(s) as installed
  • Omniverse refusing to install again because the app(s) are still installed according to omniverse
  • Still canno’t update or install from Launcher or through CMD
  • Omniverse Launcher still showing all apps that are deleted as installed but i get a missing .bat file when trying to launch.

@W1r3d_work i am just another user passing by - the typical process to get rid of all the OV apps and connectors installed through the Launcher is to run the Cleanup tool. i’d suggest reading the instructions carefully so you don’t lose data saved on your nucleus server.

And if you want to remove OV completely, you can remove program after you’ve already ran the Cleanup Tool.