Uninstall omniverse

Hey, how can i completely uninstall omniverse from my pc? i’ve read some solutions on this forum but somehow the link to the cleanup software is broken and there’s no other way of deleting this crap from my pc.

Why would you create this garbage nvidia? now i get this crap everytime i startup windows. This is going in the books as the worst rendering software ever created and would describe it as malmware.

Fantastic job!

@omar_liew you can find the Cleanup Tool here - Cleanup Tool — Omniverse Utilities latest documentation

once that’s done, you should be able to uninstall the Launcher. and just fyi, it starts on startup because ‘Launch on Login’ is enabled by default in the system tray. unchecking could’ve prevented it from doing so (but not that it matters at this point).


thanks. I think the link in some earlier posts is outdated because i got 404 error. This one works though.

Prety stupid they don’t just include an uninstaller. Also the autolaunch on login should be in general settings within the app itself if you’d ask me. But maybe that’s just that i’m still not used to how newer apps seem to work these days… but indeed doesn’t matter at this point. Still the worst piece of software that i’ve installed in years on my pc. I find it unbelievable.

followed the steps so should be fine now. Thanks:)

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it worked

as an user of Omniverse, there were certainly some design choices made, for better or worse. i am not one to change anyone’s mind because i believe we are all entitled to our own opinions. however, if you are inclined, the devs may be interested in hearing some of your suggestions for improvements (perhaps as a parting gift). software development is never easy and takes time, but i can only hope the dev team takes their users’ feedbacks seriously and translate them to actionable changes in the long run.

Well, the software itself may be just fine. I tried it and it worked but found out quickly enough that it’s not going to provide me a better solution than the software i’m allready using. This is ofcourse totally fine.

It just shouldn’t be needed to provide ‘ship it with an uninstaller please’ as feedback. 100% this is a deliberate choice. They may have their reasons for it. But spending a good hour to find a way to get rid of it and then needing to search their forums (wich also forced me to make an account ofcourse) to finally find the solution is just nonsense.

would not reccomend it to anyone just for this reason. It’s just stupid.

totally fair assessment. i am still learning the ropes myself over the last couple of months, and there has been a lot of back and forth and cross referencing between the documentation and forums for sure.

anyway, i totally understand where you are coming from, so i try to make myself available on the forum and Discord to address questions to the best of my ability such as your post today. it’s a stretch, but hopefully we get to see you again sometime in the future when the time is right.


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