Cache not running on opening Create

Hi there, when I open Create, the Cache is usually not working. I have tried restarting everything within System Monitor, restarting Create, launching Drive, Nucleus and Navigator. Sometimes I can solve the problem by starting Machinima a few times, and the Cache will suddenly start working, but I can’t see why that would be. I’ve attached the Auth log file, let me know if I should attach any others (the Cache log is blank for today).

Auth.log (295.8 KB)


Hello @jamestabbush! I know you said the cache log is empty, but could you try attaching any logs you find here?
Cache Output Logs: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\ov\pkg\<CACHE_VERSION>

  • Find and run the omni-cache-service.exe inside your cache folder
  • Run the capture Cache Output (or take a screenshot)

Hi there, thanks for your reply. I don’t have a folder called ov within my Local folder. After some looking around, I found that my cache log is here:
I’ve uploaded the document I found there.

I installed Omniverse onto an external drive, and the main cache folder is there too. I ran the omni-cache-service.exe and it was empty, as you can see in this screenshot. I imagine that my problem stems from installing the program onto this external drive, but not sure how. Also, it works fine a lot of the time, and the Cache usually appears after a lot of trial and error.

Sorry I don’t know too much about programming, please do let me know in the most simple language what I could try next!

ov_cache_server.log (485.4 KB)

Hi there, any news on this? In general I need to open Create multiple times, and eventually the Cache will start operating, but I still don’t know why!

Hello @jamestabbush! I apologize for the wait. I have the development team looking into this at the moment. As soon as I hear back from them, I will let you know!

Hello @jamestabbush! The dev team had a chance to take a look at your logs. From your logs, it looks like you are experiencing intermittent network connectivity issues. They suggest that you should contact your Internet Service Provider for more information on that.