Please tell me the appropriate cable that can be connected to Quad Camera Breakout Cable

Connection between Quad Camera Breakout Cable and camera(Sony IMX390,IMX424).
I am thinking of purchasing an extension cable because the GMSL cable is not long enough.
I’m considering buying a FARAK cable(FAK-SMZSMZ), but I don’t know if it fits the terminal.
The camera terminal and the FAK-SMZSMZ cable terminals were found to be a good fit by investigating.However, I didn’t know if the FAK-SMZSMZ terminal and the Quad Camera Breakout Cable terminal fit together.I would like to know if I can connect to it.
If I can’t connect, I would like to know what cable I can connect.

Thank you a lot.

Quad camera connector use TE Connectivity MATE-AX 0-2304168-9, need Quad camer breakout cable to FAKRA Jacks.
Recommend cables are GMSL1: Pasternak PE38746Z(12 meters) and Pasternak PE38752Z(0.5 meters), GMSL2: LEONI Dacar® 302 (12 meters).
FAK-SMZSMZ looks like a FARAK jack to jack cable, we don’t have it’s datasheet not sure about details of it.
You could check the GMSL cable you are using, it’s jack or plug used on FARAK side? What’s the FARAK P/N? Jack or plug used on camera FARAK? Then you can choose the cable to match both GSML cable and camera.

I found a breakout Mate-AX 4pos. to Fakra-Plug (Part no [Q31-10O-MATE-020-Z]) at These guys are located in Germany. They also offer a large variety of other fakra cables that can be used to extend the adapter length.