Connecting Arducam IMX219 Camera to Xavier AGX

I have an arducam imx219 camera that I would like to connect to my AGX Xavier.

I realized the connector on the Xavier is not compatible with the ribbon cable on the camera. Reading other similar posts, I’ve realized that I need the QTH-060-01-H-D-A-K connector. I think I’ve found the correct one here, but I’m not completely sure. Could I get confirmation that this is the right connector?

I don’t know how the QTH-060-01-H-D-A-K connector will mount on to the QSH-060-01-H-D-A-K-TR connector. Does it simply fit into it? And then I can slide the camera cable in?

hello sumsMults,

why don’t you use the Xavier NX? there’s even no IMX219 device tree setting for AGX Xavier platform, you will have to port the driver manually.

Hi Jerry,

I only have the Xavier AGX available to me so that is the only processor I can use.

How would I port the driver manually?

Also for my original question, is the QTH-060-01-H-D-A-K connector the correct connector?

hello sumsMults,

please refer to Camera Module Hardware Design Guide.
The board-to-board (B2B) connector on the Jetson carrier board is the Samtec QSH-060-01-H-D-A-K-TR.
you may see-also developer guide for driver implementation. Sensor Software Driver Programming.

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