POCO::NotFoundException thrown in driver version 531.18

I installed latest driver (531.18) through GeForce Experience. I develop graphics applications using DirectX 11. I am using Visual Studio 17.5.1. When calling D3D11CreateDevice using a non-null IDXGIAdapter, found by adapter enumeration, and requesting D3D_FEATURE_LEVEL_11_1, a POCO exception is thrown. The call stack shows I am in the NVIDIA driver (nvwgf2umx.dll) and it is calling a function in MessageBus.dll. If I continue execution I get a second POCO exception. Continuing execution, my applications run but on exit when I release the ID3D11Device object, another POCO exception occurs. My code has been working for many years, so this exception was unexpected. Is the use of POCO new to drivers starting with 531.18 ? I am running Windows 11 (latest) with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER.

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Same exception here. This is with an RTX 4080 16GB. My Visual Studio version is 2022 however. I also have an AMD CPU on this box (3900X) if that’s of any relevance. Windows 11 also.

Am now going to try the studio drivers.

EDIT: Current studio drivers are of course fine being an earlier iteration (528.49).

Hello to both of you @deberly and @RobinsonUK, welcome back to the NVIDIA developer forums.

POCO has been part of the drivers for a while now, this sounds more like a possible regression to me, just not clear where.

@deberly would you mind sharing a call stack of the first occurrence of the exception if that is possible?

Ideally i would ask for a minimal repro app, but maybe engineering can repro already based on this information.


One addendum, can you rule out that this was related to some other update that coincided? Like Windows or VS updates?


I will make an attempt to write a minimal repro. However, here is a link to a screen capture with the call stack and the code window. The mFlags input to D3D11CreateDevice is 0. POCONotFoundException

I do not believe I will be able to rollback the Windows or Visual Studio updates on my main dev machine. I have another machine on which I can install the 531.18 driver. That machine has Windows 10 and not the latest Visual Studio. I will report the results with the minimal repro.

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A simple repro is provided by the project in this zip file: POCONotFoundException.zip

I am running withWindows 11 Pro 22H2 OS build 22621.1265. I am using MSVS 2022 version 17.5.1. The project configuration has “Windows SDK Version: 10.0 (latest installed version)”, which on my machine is 10.0.22621.0.

The MSVS 2022 default Exception Settings, C++ Exceptions, is to have “<All C++ Exceptions not in this list>” unchecked. In order for the exception dialogs to pop up, you need to check this item. I have comments in the code indicating where the exceptions occur.

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I have run into the same issue with a visual studio 2019 calling D3D12createDevice throws the poco::NotFoundException

Thank you @codehammer and also welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

All the details are forwarded, if I get status updates from engineering, I will share if I receive public information.