Power Button for Enclosure using Front Panel Header

I’ve read some of the related threads here, and the Jetson section on Elinux.org

Have the TK1 in an enclosure and would just like to add a power on/off button to the outside of the enclosure.

I don’t know much about electronics and want to clarify info in the TK1 Devkit PDF.

The schematic for the Front Panel Header has me confused if a resistor needs to be added.

Pins 6 /8 are for Power Button

What has me confused is in the schematic, I see this for pin 6 ( PWRBTN_R_L --> 33 Ohm --> ONKEY_L ). Does a 33 Ohm resistor need to be added?

It looks like I could use a 2 pin header cable, much like those used for front panel connections on PC ATX motherboard. I would just need to buy a power button and connect it to the front panel header.

If what I’m thinking is right, which would be correct to do?

2 pin header cable --> power button
2 pin header cable --> 33 Ohm Resistor --> Power button

There have a power button I107 on board, you can see it work as short ONKEY_L to GND is to power on ther JTK1.
If you want a remote power button, yes a button with cable which can short J1A1 pin6 PWRBTN_R_L to GND also work.
The 33ohm is just for some ESD reduction wounldn’t have function impact.