Pins for front panel Buttons/LED

Hi, while I figured out myself where to connect the power(on) button of the front panel to the TX2 dev kit board, I did not want to try-and-error on the power or possibly drive access PINs.
On the board schematics under embedded/downloads I did not find information on those (only in part on GPIO).
Has anyone worked with this or can direkt me towards further information?

I’m not positive about whether you are asking which header goes to the various front panel buttons, or whether you are looking for a header to deliver power to. In the latter case there is no header, you’d have to use the standard barrel connector. In the case of headers for front panel, the schematic lists headers such that the silk screen on the board can be matched. From left to right:

  • J3 is for a reset button;
  • J4 is for an LED power indicator (3.3V goes through 330 LED valid with that voltage and resistance combination works as a power LED);
  • J6 is for the power button;
  • J9 is for the force recovery button.

I’m unsure of the meaning for J11, “force off”…possibly this is related to the “S2” button. Anyone know?

Is that what you were looking for?

Thank you very much.
That answered it very well. Mostly J4 in my case!