Front panel pins description

On PCB are pins signed as the Front Panel. Where can I find a description of these pins?

You can find the pinout diagram here -

On page 25 labeled front panel.

I’m blind :) for confidence, I have question about:

  1. PWR and RESET button. It will pull down to GND? So it looks like (short pins 5,7 for RST and pin 6,8 for PWR).

  2. Power LED - it will connected to pins 2,8?

  3. Standby LED - it will connected to pins 4,8?

  4. HD LED - it will connected to pins 1,3?

when a signal is on Standby LED? how it works? TK1 allow sleep mode or hibernate mode?


Were you able to verify if shorting pins 6 and 8 will power on the board? Thanks.

Yes, shorting 6 and 8 pin is power on (red connector)
Shorting 5 and 7 pin is reset (blue connector)

This header is pretty standard on motherboards.

I believe the GRN_PWRLED nbd YLW_STBYLED are simply notes stating that a yellow LED is on in standby and a green LED when powered.

Ill see if i can grab some LEDs and attempt to the Power/Standby LED configuration that you inquire about. (though i dont believe it will work, could be wrong though)

UGGRRRHHH. I seemed to click cancel changes instead of save. And i had a nice bit of stuff written. So ill keep it short this time.

Pin 4-2 is 1.7V when powered.
Pin 2-8 (or 5 or any ground) is 3.3V when powered.
Pin 4-8 is 5V when powered.

I put the board into standby through unity, HDMI shut off, Wireless, networking… But the fan stayed running. so i dont believe it achieved standby as to me, standby is everything shutoff except the ram.

So. you could put a LED from 4-GND, but it would always be on. And you could put one from 2-GND for the power (or use the standard 4-2)

I dont think the 4-GND would work during hibernate as that simply saves the RAM to disk and completely powers down.

With some sort of magic, you could do what they do on page 25, coming off of pin 4.

to hopefully get a standby light. My friend tells me that thingamajig is a mofset, but is unsure what the extra diode is for.

Or. You could rig something up with the 5V/2V standby power and the 3.3V (AON = Always ON?) listed on page 27.

With maybe some sort of transistor thing so that when the… I dont know. Im not an electrical engineer.

More words:
I was just watching newegg’s ‘unboxing’ of the jetson… And according to Jesse from Nvidia, these pins are actually for a touch screen something. But that cant be right? The wiring diagram shows its a standard header for front power buttons/lights/etc.

(Time 7:40)

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This is what I have tested on Jetson TK1.

  1. Shorting pin 6 & 8 is power on.

  2. Shorting pin 5 & 7 is reset switch, but it doesn’t work now.
    I checked the schematic and found an error that R1A6 resistor is 33 ohm, it should be 0 ohm.
    I checked that Reset works by shorting pin 5& 7 after replacing the R1A6 resistor to 0 ohm.

  3. Plugin LED on pin #1 & 3 blinks during SATA HDD activity.

  4. Pin#2 is always 3.3V and Pin#4 is always 5V, LED is not powered on by plugging in pin#2 & 4.
    If we connect the power LED to pin#2 & pin#8, it can be used for power on LED.
    Pin#4 is marked as standby LED in the schematic, but it doesn’t work now.
    Following message is marked in the schematic.