TX2: Power-on using pins (chassis button)

I do have Supermicro Server Chassis CSE-101I and I would like to make power on button on chassis working.

Which pins needs to be connected (shortened) to boot the device?


Near each of the development carrier board buttons will be 2-pin headers. J9 is the same as the power onrecovery button, J9J6 is recovery buttonpower button, J3 is reset button. Pin 1 is hot/+/floating, pin 2 is ground (short to ground to press button). Silkscreen has a marker on pin 1 (a white triangle).

Thanks for reply. I am still puzzled which two pins I should connect to power button. J9 and pin 1 (white triangle) ?

J9J6, pin 1 and 2. If the switch is isolated it makes no difference when side gets pin 1 or pin 2. If one side of the switch is grounded, then the ground goes to pin 2. Most switches float and won’t touch ground.

Thanks a lot.

IMHO according to “Jetson TX1-TX2 Module Battery and Charger Design Guide” it seems it is pin J6 not J9.

J3 - Reset Switch Header (1x2, 2.54mm pitch)
J6 - Power Switch Header (1x2, 2.54mm pitch)
J9 - Force Recovery Header (1x2, 2.54mm pitch)

I was using schematics incorrectly…just to verify, J9 is force recovery, J6 is power, J3 is reset. Original note edited to update.

Also, the physical location of the headers on the board don’t quite match the physical location of the switches, just to make it more confusing. But, yes, port J6 is the right port for power on.

And there are specific timing requirements for the power-on button; just jamming a header on it or shorting it with a capacitor will not suffice to turn the development board on when it receives power :-(

Can anyone help me to find J6? I don’t seem to see it on my Jetson TX2. Even PCb diagram doesn’t show the location of J6. :-(

Of the four buttons on the TX2 dev kit, the second button from the corner is the “vol-d” (from silkscreen), and the next button is the recovery button. J6 is sort of between those two buttons, but moved slightly towards the CPU heat sink. The silkscreen will show this if you look at it just right.

Mine looks like this.


On my carrier board there is a 2-pin 0.1" header right next to D4. I don’t know if perhaps some revisions don’t have that header.

Would someone from NVIDIA know if there is a carrier board revision which either moved the headers next to the buttons, or perhaps even removed the headers?

I purchased a TX2 about a month ago and received one with the headers. I purchased two more for the same project late last week. Neither of the new ones has the headers.

I’m really, really frustrated with NVIDIA for this stealth revision removing functionality I’d come to expect. I’m at a loss on what to do as we’re deploying these inside an enclosure and reaching the button on the board itself will NOT be practical.

Completely unacceptable to remove functionality like this. I’m now blocked by NVIDIA. Unacceptable.

I’m also interested in powering up the TX2 using pins on the board…Seems like I have also the new revision of the board, I don’t have a J6 connector next to the power button

Is there a workaround for powering up the TX2 using pins?

NVIDIA would have to comment on it, I have no knowledge of the carrier board revisions. I don’t know if there was some alternate location for the header or not.

for those who have the new revision of the dev.board, this solution worked for me: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1063267/jetson-tx2/powering-up-tx2-with-external-button/post/5384928/

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Thanks a lot!

I confirm that shorting J20( black pins next to J14, not whites) pin 1 and 2 works for powering up. Thank you @egj.