Problem hybrid Dell laptop Geforce mx230

We are selling a product using some advanced OpenGL features (version 4.3) and we encountered a problem on a client desktop: Dell Inspiron 15 5593 (4P7GM) Argent - Iris Plus G7/MX230

The same type of problem also appears on other commercial products such as Google Earth Pro. The application is running on Windows 10/11, with the registry key SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DirectX\UserGpuPreferences set to high_performance = 2. The application is running fine but after few hours it crashes. Afterwards, restarting the application, it falls back to the Microsoft Windows Graphics Device Interface, OpenGL version 1.1 GDI. From this moment onward, all graphics intensive applications are getting the GDI interface apart from the browser where WebGL shaders are working fine. Only a desktop reboot allows us to restart the application with the NVIDIA card working as expected.

We investigated some system calls via procmon, it seems that the device tries to use the NVIDIA driver but stops to go forward at initialization. The nvoglv64.dll exists and is read but the actual read stops earlier than it did during the previous successful launch.

We downloaded the latest drivers from the DELL website and support application, we also tried to download the drivers straight from the NVIDIA website but those failed in to install. The application works in power saving mode but we need to use the NVIDIA card for better performance.
An Avast Antivirus was running in the background, we turned it off and hope to have stopped its dll injection capabilities.

We also opened a ticket with the dell support service.
Do you have any idea what the problem could be ?
Thank you for your time.