Problem in accessing TX1 via remote desktop on local network

I just got a jetson TX1, it’s installation was successful and it is working fine, but I wanted to access it via a remote desktop on local network so I have successfully done it using VNC service of Linux.
The problem that I am facing is that if I start the board when the HDMI is connected to a screen and then try to access it through VNC it is visible and if I remove the HDMI and then reboot it it becomes inaccessible via VNC. Also if I connect the HDMI at this stage then I don’t get a display, i.e.,I have to restart the board.

I have also assigned it a static IP for remote access.


Hi ashishk
Did you follow below like to install vnc. There’s topic like your problem but there’s no problem to follow the link to install VNC and connect successfully.