Problem In Jetson TK1 Kit's Schematic

Hello all,
I was designing a custom board that requires a GPU for rendering graphics. For that purpose I am using Tegra K1. So to take help in designing I found JetsonTK1’s schematic that is using Tegra K1 in the design. While reviewing the schematic I found some error in the schematic.
Can anyone of you help me out?

The Problem is that symbols used for TegraK1 in the schematic is not in accordance to the datasheet of TegaraK1.
For example in JetsonTK1’s schematics document “602-7r375-0000-d00.schematics.rev.4.00_web.pdf” On page 4, there is a symbol for DDR Controller of Tegra K1 in which ball# B5 corresponds to DDR_DQ0 while in datasheet "TK1_Embedded_DataSheet_DS06472001v04.pdf"for DDR_DQ0, ball# A3 is used. And similarly there are problems in some other balls also.

Can someone tell why is it so?


Hi, that’s not error. There are several options for DRAM remapping in order to make routing easier/cleaner, the net name of ball depends on which option you choose. Please refer to DRAM chapter in design guide for detail instruction. [url][/url]

Thank you so much Trumany !