Problem to connect external devices.

Recently I have bought a jetson TX2 for my project. After unboxing the TX2 I plugged in almost all devices (Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard) and connect with a LAN connection as instructed. But I’d become disappointed because when the TX2 was powered up, nothing happened. Only two green LEDs and two red LEDs were on. Monitor, keyboard, mouse - nothing was connected. Even LAN port wasn’t reviving signals.

I’ve included some picture in this link:

I will be very thankful if anyone can help me with this problem please.

Does the board respond to the flashing mechanism described in the documentation?
I e, boot into recovery, connect to the host Linux PC, and run the flashing script.

I’d suggest first what @snarky says…more recent releases are far more reliable for video. FYI, the lights show it is working. Video configuration failing doesn’t mean the system didn’t boot. Check with a serial console if you get a chance, it doesn’t use video drivers (and if an issue shows up then probably the first suggestion is flash to a recent release anyway):