Problem with enabling GTP flex parser

Hi i want to use DPDK with mellanox NIC ConnectX4LX to loadbalance GTP traffic on queue of NIC base on inner IP layer.
i want to use rte flow for this purpose.
for using GTP in rte flow i must run this command:

mlxconfig -d /dev/mst/mt4117_pciconf0.1 set FLEX_PARSER_PROFILE_ENABLE=3


Device #1:

Device type:    ConnectX4LX     
Name:           817753-B21_Ax   
Description:    HPE Ethernet 10/25Gb 2-port 640SFP28 Adapter
Device:         /dev/mst/mt4117_pciconf0.1

Configurations:                                      Next Boot       New
         FLEX_PARSER_PROFILE_ENABLE                  0               3               

 Apply new Configuration? (y/n) [n] : y
Applying... Failed!
-E- The Parameter FLEX_PARSER_PROFILE_ENABLE has Illegal constraint.
Note: The constraint of this parameter is affected by the following parameters:
flex_parser_profile_enable, nv_flex_parser_cap.flex_parser_profile_0_supported, nv_flex_parser_cap.flex_parser_profile_1_supported, nv_flex_parser_cap.flex_parser_profile_2_supported, nv_flex_parser_cap.flex_parser_profile_3_supported, nv_flex_parser_cap.flex_parser_profile_4_supported, nv_flex_parser_cap.flex_parser_profile_5_supported, nv_flex_parser_cap.flex_parser_profile_6_supported, nv_flex_parser_cap.flex_parser_profile_7_supported

i dont know how to fix this.
i am using MLNX_OFED_LINUX-5.4-

 mst status -v
MST modules:
    MST PCI module is not loaded
    MST PCI configuration module loaded
PCI devices:
DEVICE_TYPE             MST                           PCI       RDMA            NET                       NUMA  
ConnectX4LX(rev:0)      /dev/mst/mt4117_pciconf0.1    13:00.1   mlx5_1          net-ens224f1              -1    

ConnectX4LX(rev:0)      /dev/mst/mt4117_pciconf0      13:00.0   mlx5_0          net-ens224f0              -1 

my second question:
for my purpose that’s loadbalace GTP with RSS on NIC queue. is ConnectX4LX supports all the requirements?


Hi @ali64mohammad6464 ,

GTP is only supported starting from ConnectX-6 Dx.
ConnectX-4-Lx doesn’t support this flex profile.