Problem with JetsonNano and CSI2 camera


I need Your help with my issue. I have checked multiple topics here according to similar issues but nothing helps.
My jetson does not see the camera.
-tested with 2 cameras,

  • reinstall whole system,
  • reinstalled the drivers v4l

But still it does not see my camera.
During the boot up i have an (i think) connected message


What camera are you using? A Pi Camera V2.1 or something else?

AVT Camera, I have installed the drivers. This message appears even if camera is not connecteed.

hello m.ignaczak.92,

there’s lists cameras supported by Jetson Camera Partners on the Jetson platform.
could you please contact with your sensor vendor to have confirmation of workable platform and also JetPack release version?
otherwise, you may have driver implementation and bring-up it by your own.